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Blanket of Stars

The rich meanings contained within


On the Blanket of Stars canvas, two energies meet and meld — Solace and Memory — linking Earth and Heaven, too.


The left half of the painting is Solace. It is a deep, slow, grounded, connected feeling. The spirals within it represent Trust. Among the spirals are sprinkled carnelian stones, which evoke grounding, and symbols and words for Peace in Sanskrit, French, Spanish, and Japanese. As the energy flows toward the center point, the painted spirals become more subtle and layered while taking a more predominant form in the shells.



The center of the painting is the dividing line between Heaven and Earth, the Spirit and Material realms. They are distinctly separate and yet fully connected by the bright white radiating circle that unifies both sides.



The right half of the painting is Memory. Represented here are feelings of joy, laughter, shared jokes, vibrant character traits — the things about us and our shared lives that remain and uplift. Animals represent playfulness; and the seahorse is the divine masculine, the starfish, the divine feminine. Amethyst stones call in soothing, peaceful, unifying energies. The outer rim’s stars remind us that we are all stars; we come from and return to them.


The deep purple band that wraps the center could represent the darkness we sometimes experience when we feel lost, sad, or confused. But note it’s richness and that it is held by all that surrounds it. This space contains a river that we cross to get to Solace.



The two feathers are the bridge that links Solace and Memory but also the Earth and Heaven. They are light, pure essence of Spirit — the true connection that unifies all.


Concept by Amy Rush

Original art by Angela L. Chostner

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